Becoming Anthea

My name is Anthony and I am twenty-two years old. I have extra-long dark hair and darker eyes. I tie my hair into a ponytail and have a close trimmed beard.

I look handsome and enjoy keeping myself in shape. I am a lucky guy as I have a very sexy girlfriend who is two years older than me.

Zoe and I met at a mutual friend’s party and hit it off right away. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her small beautiful mouth sits beneath a cute button nose. All in all, Zoe is a goddess and I love her. Our relationship was at an all-time high and I had a key to her flat.

I was able to come and go as I pleased and often did, surprising her with dinner when she came home from work. There was also an ulterior motive for going around when she wasn’t home; lingerie. From my teen years, I had become besotted with girl’s underwear, it was my secret taboo.

Lace, silk, cotton and nylon, I loved them all. The feel, the touch even the smell seemed to turn me on. Zoe always seemed to find it interesting that I liked to breathe in her panty covered crotch before I ate her out.

She never complained. It was a normal Monday afternoon and Zoe always worked late on a Monday. I let myself in and walked into her bedroom.

I liked her bedroom, it was very girly, with a king size four poster bed. I sat on the bed and then lay back. I was tired.

I yawned, looking around and seeing her washing basket. I smiled to myself, maybe there were some treats in there for me. I raided her basket, taking out a cute pair of blue lace panties.

They were soft to the touch and I could feel myself getting hard as I held them. I could not help but think how they were nestled close to Zoe’s wet pussy, the thought turned me on so much. I stripped off standing naked in front of her full-length mirror, my cock bouncing slightly.

I took the panties and slid them on, the feel made me even harder. I stood there in front of the mirror wearing cute panties, my cock peeking out the top unable to be contained. I went to her basket again searching for the matching bra, I was disappointed to be unable to find it.

Of course Zoe often mismatched her underwear so I went to her chest of drawers, and sure enough, it was on top of her file. I took out the bra, wrapping it around my waist. I slipped it on backwards, clasping the back in front of me.

Then I slid it around and put my arms through the straps. I looked at myself in the mirror once more, damn I looked good. I really believed I could pass for a girl, a bit of tweaking here and there and no one would know.

My cock needed attention, it looked so good peeking out the top of the panties. I pulled my cock so that it instead came out of the right leg hole and started to stroke myself. Slow long strokes, savouring the feeling I was giving to myself.

I closed my eyes, enjoying myself. I could feel myself getting off, getting close to the brink. I had let go and sit down.

Just as I sat down the door opened. To my horror, Zoe walked in. She gasped, taking in the situation.

“I’m, I’m sorry, it’s not what it looks like. I… I…

I… ” I stuttered. She walked over to me, unzipping her skirt, and pulling her top over her head. I gasped when I saw her light pink lace lingerie underneath, making my cock as hard as I have ever known it.

“Anthony, I knew you were jerking off into my underwear, but I didn’t know you were wearing them.” She sat next to me, wrapping her hand around my cock. She started to jerk me off with fast, forceful strokes.

I groaned loudly as she carried on talking. “If I knew you liked my underwear so much I would have got you some. Anyway, after I make you cum, we are going to dress you up.

I’m going to make you into a cute little girl and then we are going to go out to dinner.” I looked at her in shock. She just smiled back at me.

“Yes, Anthony. We are going to go out to dinner with you dressed and looking like a girl. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I blushed, knowing it would be a big step from wearing her underwear and dressing fully like a girl. The thought did turn me on a hell of a lot and Zoe’s hand kept jerking me off. Zoe pulled my panties to one side, exposing my ass slightly.

She licked her finger and then pushed her digit against my ass. We have always played around with ass play and it was not a big deal to me when she pushed her finger deep into my ass. She milked me and my ass seemed to clench tightly around her finger.

She loved making me cum, having a hold over me turned her on. She leant forward, taking my shaft into her mouth. She sucked me hard, taking my cock into her throat.

It was too much for me, the mix of her fingering my ass and taking me into her throat pushed me over the edge. I let out a deep guttural groan and started to shoot my load into her mouth, she sucked hard, hungrily swallowing my load. I held the back of her head, feeling her take me deep into her throat, sucking and swallowing me.

I lay back on the bed, exhausted and spent. I watched Zoe get up and walk out the room. She came back in holding a small bowl a towel my can of shaving cream and my straight razor.

She smiled at me and rested the items on the bed. “Come, baby, let’s give you a shave.” She took some shaving cream and slow spread it over my face.

She slowly started to shave my face, as she had done so many times before. Once I was completely clean-shaven she dabbed some aftershave on my face. She stepped back to admire her work, giving a low whistle.

“Okay Anthony, let’s lose those panties.” I complied, pulling off her panties. My now flaccid cock still dripping cum.

She dropped to her knees in front of me, rubbing more shaving cream over my cock and balls. I guessed what was about to happen, so I just closed my eyes and let her work. Knowing there was a sharp razor so close to my soldier didn’t help my blood pressure, so I kept my eyes closed and let Zoe get on with it.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.” I opened my eyes to see that my cock and balls were as bald as can be. She had left a little hair above my penis in the shape of a heart.

I loved it. I reached down and cupped my own balls, it felt amazing, a sensation I had never felt before. “Okay Anthea, we need to go have a shower before we really pretty you up.”

I looked at her a little confused, she laughed and gave me a peck on the lips. “I am going to dress you up, I am going to make you look like the girl you want to be. We will go out with you dressed as a girl, I will address you as Anthea.

We can’t have you in a sexy dress and call you Anthony, can we?” I blushed but smiled. She led me into the bathroom and pulled the elastic band holding my ponytail.

My hair cascaded down to my shoulders. We went into the bathroom and I stepped into the shower while Zoe undressed. She joined me in the shower, stroking my cock slowly.

Zoe lovingly washed my body, taking extra care of my bald cock and balls. She shampooed my hair and kissed me passionately as we washed. I took the opportunity to finger her, getting her off within a minute or so.

I know how to push her buttons. Once out the shower, we both dried off. Zoe put on some basic underwear before looking for something proper for me.

She gave a squeal when she pulled something from her drawers, I could see why and started to get hard once more. She walked over to me with a bra and panty set. It was black with red flowers embroidered on it, it really did look sexy.

She told me to lift my foot, and she gently slipped the panties up my leg. She stood behind me, reaching between my legs, pulling my cock pulling the panties up. She smiled, sliding her fingers over my crotch.

“There, Anthea. Now you have a camel toe.” She giggled. She helped me with my bra, shoving paper towels inside the cups to fill them up.

“Don’t worry, the dress I’ll give you will cover you up enough.” She put a garter belt on me, it matched the lingerie I was already wearing. She then helped me put on stocking, the feeling of them on my bare skin was intense, if my cock wasn’t trapped under my ass by her panties I would have cum right away.

She rummaged in her wardrobe for a minute, while I sat there touching and feeling my new underwear. She caught me and laughed, she kissed me on the lips and lay something on the bed next to me. “Stand up sexy, let’s get you into this dress.”

I stood up, as she held open a short black dress with a zip down the centre. I was about to put my arms through when she laughed, almost falling to the floor. “No, no, no.

You put it on from the front, the zip does up in the back, silly.” I blushed putting my arms forward and stepping into the dress. She turned me around and I could feel it tightening around me.

It was a very tight fit but felt great to wear. I looked in the mirror, the dress looked amazing. It was short, riding up my thigh.

It had long sleeves It covered my chest like Zoe said, but had an open neck and a large collar. I was admiring myself in the mirror as Zoe came up behind me with the of her hair iron things. She wrapped my hair around this baton-like device, then letting it go.

I watched in fascination as my usually straight hair started to curl. Bit by bit, she curled my hair till I looked completely different. It was like an out of body experience.

Zoe sat me down in front of her dresser. She pulled up a chair in front on me and opened her makeup bag. She pulled out a pair of tweezers and held my head tight.

I grunted as she slowly started to pluck my eyebrows, making them neater and slightly more defined; feminine. She then started to put makeup on me. First a base and a blusher, then highlights defining my cheekbones.

She sat in front of me for a good ten minutes using half of her makeup bag on me. Finally, she smiled with approval. She got up and picked up her phone from the bedside table and took a couple of pics.

She stood in front of me and put on some matching lingerie and a sheer and lace blue dress and sat down to do her own makeup. While Zoe was getting ready I stood up to look in the mirror once again. What I saw in front of me was the cutest thing I had ever set eyes on.

The cute girl in front of me had dark hair that seemed to curl forever, deep sexy dark eyes and sweet wet glossy lips that I just wanted to kiss. I was hot. Zoe laughed when she caught me staring.

“Yes Anthea, you are hot as fuck, and together we are going to make all the heads turn. Come, baby, let’s go to dinner.” She gave me a pair of her flat office shoes and let me out the front door.

As we walked slowly to one of the many restaurants in town, Zoe spoke softly to me. “Anthea is going to come out every Monday with me. We’ll go have dinner, then go to a club to dance together.

If you really like it will start buying you sexier lingerie and outfits.” I had to say I liked the sound of that, my first real foray into cross-dressing was great. ——

It has been three months since I first went out as Anthea and now I do it every week. Zoe and I make love and then she shaves me clean. We shower and she dresses me.

She had bought me a special padding to go in my bra and new sexy lingerie and dresses. I love being Anthea and look forward to Mondays all week.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright (C) (C)Copyright 2016 SeanR all rights reserved.

This written or visual work may not be reproduced o distributed or published in any form without the permission of the author.

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Sweaty, Romantic, Rough, Passionate Sex With Virgin Colleague

Hi, this is Nihal a 23-year-old software employee from Hyderabad. This sex story is all about my first sex encounter with a hot virgin sexy Swithika, where we both never had sex earlier. Believe it or not I even ever touched a girl with the odd intention of sexual lust, but this time, I made, showed all my teen and youth stored sex desires on my dream angel.

Seems like too eager to jump into the story, no more descriptions shall quietly and lustfully hop deep in the ocean of romantic sex. Swithika,name itself makes a romantic move with a romantic spell. She is 24 years old with 5 feet 4 inches height, weight to be known, a perfect fair face with milky white color complexion with medium sized lips which doesn’t require any lip gloss to look pink, lips play the crucial role in this happening.

Special note about her boobs, these pairs are really one of the spectacular parts of her body those are really hot and mouthwatering things ever with medium thickness and with amazing pinkish nipples which keep on erecting while with me. Now myself am 5 feet 7-inch tall guy with nice body complexion who is a fitness freak doesn’t skip a single day to gym. This is the first day to my job in IT corridor where I was made to meet my team mates in which Swithika is one of them.

Usually, people look astonishingly at me because of a fair face with nice hairstyle and cool attitude type, sometimes I feel much blushed when my fellow mates comment about my complexion. Luckily team leaser made Swithika as my team partner as she was also a new joined employee. Days were going off both of ours feelings getting through, in between I used to provoke her sexually, but both of us are not ready to confess among ourselves.

One day our team people planned to make the weekend in a pub with bashing party, as we both are the only young one’s in the team we were not cared much. That day everyone in the pub were enjoying with the drinks and are out of their control. Same as me Swithika doesn’t prefer alcohol we both sat drinking juices.

Seeing every1 enjoying with mates with awkward touches and little slutty kisses I got enraged and dared to speak out about sex. Even she was looking around and kept with a smile, her smile itself makes people fall in deep pit of love, god damn we can ever imagine her smile. People used to gaze at Swithika while she moves around, she maintains her physique soo perfectly that we can see each and every cure in her body, always manages to be in traditional dresses with modern cuts, that day she was in red dress which looked somewhat like traditional but not complete.

Her milky white complexion used to make ppl go crazy, right now I could see her starting portion of the cleavage with a dark mole on white, feeling like to eat that mole off.She has a damn stunning hair which flows till her butts. I asked her “Swithika, are you feeling like to dance”, for which she accepted immediately. We started looking at our eyes, with little smile touching her waist started the movement.

It seemed like she was impressed with moves and for over 15 minutes we haven’t skipped our eyes. At some moment suddenly I moved my face towards her and planted my lips on to her to which she responded positively for 2 to 3 seconds, wakingly slapped me and ran into lounge where no 1 were present at that time. I followed her to the lounge and started trying to explain her, she was in her back opposite me towards other side, meanwhile she suddenly turned around looked at me and jumped over me started kissing all over my face.

Now she came on to the lips and started kissing passionately with heavy breaths, aroma of her breaths are fucking hot and awesome. Even I took her head kissing rigorously with my tongue cleaning her lips, teeth, squeezing her tasty tongue, both of us are fighting to take hold of the tongues, at last she made me to compromised and took over my tongue into her mouth with a small smile and started squeezing like I did to her, taking each and every bit of saliva from my mouth.She was kissing me like a hungry girl to which I couldn’t resist, its been 15 minutes I guess. I started skipping to the neck but she’s not accepting and kept on pulling me towards lips so hardly I convinced and surrendered to her hunger.

So guys mind it women are not the 1 you think as sensitive if they get out with patience no 1 even god couldn’t stop them. We heard music out got stopped and thought some1 would come into the lounge and I took her into rest room started crushing her boobs over her red gorgeous dress meanwhile she was moaning like ah-ah-ss-oo…. I tried to unbutton her pant for which she said “No way it’s enough shall move” moving me away.

But the tiger in me haven’t listened any of the words of the princess, I continued unbuttoning forcefully pulled her pants out got her onto the washing slab parted the legs and placed lips on the wet panty where even my mouth became wet with the cum it was smelling really awesome. She was moving my head away warning with low voice “no Nihal am not ready for this please get away, please. I got up kissed her lips erotically for a while & said “Swithika, today it will be a memorable day to you all over the life, keep no fears, no doubts, let nothing come into your mind, just enjoy, feel the ultimate pleasure, bring all your sexual desires out today as you did it while kissing.Throw yourself on me I’ll manage.

Don’t worry sweetie”. For this after 2-3 seconds with her honey filled smile she said “Sweetie really sounds sweet from you darling, I trust you, from this second am yours use me as your effortful property, I LOVE YOU” and started kissing me after a moment I stopped and said “I LOVE YOU TOO HONEY” and resumed kissing on her neck where my hands moved towards buttons of her top. All of a sudden a knock was heard on the door for which we both got alerted and I spoke out saying, “it’s busy find some other place please” for which the other 1 behind the door left.

I started again but Swithika held me over her face planted a kiss & said “Its too disturbing over here honey shall move to some other place”. I asked her to get ready so that we can move to my flat where I stay alone as she knows that. While dressing up her half removed clothes she was really beautiful, taking her pants on with pink wetty panty was mesmerizing.

While she was trying to button her top she couldn’t reach her back so she called me to help out,”Nihal could you pls”,I went near took the button planted a romantic kiss on her bare back for which she moaned placing her hands on the slab, like wise getting with 2nd I kissed on the neck, in a verse there might be around 8 buttons for each I planted kiss in 8 different places, back, neck, licked to of the ears, raising her hair on the roots, both the shoulders &finally on the curves of the underarm. I haven’t stopped took her onto the wall, her dress was somewhat modern way like cleavage is visible with buttons back it was somewhat like bit classy with modernistic.& started going through the boobs, she pulled planted a romantic kiss on lips and forehead said “make the whole fun with no drop in time in the flat lets hurry baby”. She adjusted her hair washed the face and asked me wash mine and we out the room.

I could see her minding me getting started. We went into parking lot and got into car where we once again started kissing I think this time it lasted for 15 min. While driving I moved my hands towards her thighs slowly like in a seducing way for which she smiled looking at me.

I took it a chance & opened her zip of the pants slowly moving my fingers over the pussy through panty where I found wetness. Pressing the panty I took all the wetness into my hand and moved my fingers towards my nose , smelling it I spelled “beautiful flower fragrance” looking at my angel. I started moving it towards my mouth to taste, all of a sudden she took my hand kept it in her mouth and started licking it.

After licking my hand is done she jumped over me started French kissing, as it was an auto gear car I could manage with her action. We both were licking our mouths like small puppies does. After sometime she got back to her seat with smiling faces we looked at each other.

Her smile was really admirable which can worth some billion dollars. Then we rushed to flat, as it was ours first experience with sex we both were too excited. As soon as entered I slowly started rubbing my lips on her neck holding her thick hair.

She was moaning softly. She grabbed me and again started licking my lips as it was hall where dining table was placed, with no time we moved towards teak dining table and I removed everything on it and made her to sit, comfortably kissed for some time exploring all her mouth through tongue. Then I moved towards her hot sexy boobs, as she was in sleeveless I could sense the odor of her sweat through her armpits from which I got aroused & moved towards her hand & started licking the outer portion of the pits to which she got tickling sensation smiled at me.

Then I totally raised her right hand started licking from top to bottom as it seemed like shaved on the same day because of roughness I sensed on the tongues same way I did with left 1,she was enjoying with the act. My cock literally striving a lot to come out off the pants, it never bulged as that night, my god I couldn’t resist any more and removed all my clothes shamelessly in front of my sweetie to which she got more exited & pulled me towards her & started French kissing. After that she came down from the table sat on the knees hurriedly took my extremely bulged cock& started blowjob in between licking my sexy heavy balls I think it lasted for 3 min & am in a stage to climax but thought this wouldn’t be the right time & tried to move the hungry babe off the work but she hesitated to do that anyways I made her to go off the cock & made her to sit on table again.

How I could resist Cumming out orgasm is, I had lot of pre cum earlier in the pub and in the car. She exhaustedly sat on table & I again started kissing her lips where I got a hair from her mouth which was from my cock I guess. I slowly moved to her boobs pressed them so toughly where she was moaning very heavily and removed her top so quickly & fell on her boobs through bra where her hands are going to remove hook but I stopped her doing that because I want experience more from out, licking her sweaty bra, her arms, neck, nose, outer cleavage which were damn awesome.

It was really hot in my flat as it was totally packed & no air conditioner was started at that time we both were sweating a lot, in other words we are drowning in each other’s sweat. When she giving blowjob she really sweated a lot drops were shining on her forehead because of that excitement, the room got filled with our sweaty aroma. Now I started unhooking her bra for swithika helped me out to do.

As soon as the bra opened both treasure banks popped out so heavily like the water from dam gates with much erected pink nipples out. She her both the hands back and gave her whole body to me to eat up. As they were never used those are really stiff and stood straight to make the thing called crushing happen.

She’s really getting much exited seeing my body to touch, explore it & at the same time she want her boobs to get crushed. Seeing those pairs sex superman in me got much aroused & went for the attack, pressing the right 1 squeezing the left, in between our both of sweaty aroma making us both aroused to which she was enjoying moving her hands all over my hair romantically pressing my head into her boobs where she fell on table & made her whole get to me. I stopped work on boobs & moved toward waist & pressed them so heavily & started licking her navel, which also smelled too good.

With no time wasting I went to the pant unbuttoned it, meanwhile she got up from table & helped me out removing her pant. Wow the view was really awesome I got stunned for a while looking at the well designed structure of her body from top to bottom. And thanked god for architecting this heaven so astonishingly.

Her pink panty has become damn wetty & the outer space of the pussy was shining because of that wetness. This time I couldn’t get adjusted with the pre cum, I dragged her down the table took my heavy loaded cock in my hand & placed it in her mouth & started fucking her mouth within no time I cummed heavy load in her mouth which she felt very difficult to swallow & I could hear the swallowing sound from her throat. She cleaned the cock with her sexy tongue.

I again placed her on the table kissed all through her thighs feet outer part of the panty & especially the hot orgasm around. Slowly removed the sexy hot pink panty which was 80% totally wet & smelling a lot. The moment I removed the panty she started oozing her juices to which I got extreme alert & started talking her whole hot offering into the mouth, the cum was really thick white with some yellowish color & smelling really hot, damn hot pussy was in pinkish color to petal like things hanging around like gates with something hard like bone above the hole.

I expanded her both legs away & started comfortably licking the red pinkish flower where she was guiding with her hand towards the G-spot. I started fucking with tongue for around 7 min while she was moaning in excitement saying “damn its really nice keep doing it Nihal till I flood please babe”. Then again hot juice started to ooze out this time I haven’t even wasted a single ml of the liquid & totally licked everything.

After this happened I went to the lips & started sharing her juice which she was exited to take her thing squeezing my tongue. Then from mouth I moved towards pussy through the neck, hot boobs with a hot squeeze on the nipples, kissing on the stomach, licking the navel for a while, moved towards the crotch with the tongue opened licking all over till the hole of the pussy. After exploring for a while, I took the tongue licking towards asshole which outer part was somewhat dark & started licking that even, to which she hesitated & pulled me off.

But I didn’t listen to her & went over there to enjoy the beautiful odor of the asshole. Then she immediately got down from the table and started getting off from me, I hold her hand pulled towards me with our both faces together she was stepping back smilingly. I moved hands again towards the soft fluffy butts & placed finger into the asshole to which she backed her head leaning on the wall with the boobs and hands up.

We both are damn naked in the dark only a street light ray from the closed window is falling on to our bodies through which we can see each other’s shining body with damn sweat, I could see her sweaty armpits, with shining sweaty and saliva boobs in a curved shape with erected nipples all the sweet white sexy shining body. I kissed on both the armpits to which she lowered her white hot hands and hold my hand moved it towards her fluffy boobs which were like a water sponge too fluffy & damn sexy I fell on them as a fog eating its food for which she’s moaning too heavily hold my hair moving around. Caressing her boobs with the finger in the asshole digging.

My huge erected dick kept on touching her waist, moving around whenever she’s trying to catch hold, I helped her in catching the bulge eating the boobs. She was moving too & fro the cock with the pre cum spreading around. Now I removed my finger from the asshole took it into my mouth sucked it cleanly & shared some of the essence to her through my tongue which she hungrily took pulling all my tongue.

Then I moved my fingers onto the pussy fingering it. Suddenly she pushed me and ran in search of the bedroom where I followed her running caught her from back kissing her neck taken her into bedroom left her like free bird from the cage. To which she fell on bed & sighed me with her cute finger to come, it was like an angel naked with long free hair with beautiful smile, curvy boobs, damn hot pussy with all over shining body with sweat, my pre cum, my saliva all through the body calling me.

I asked her “baby both of us are sweating like anything do you like AC or fan to turn on”. To this she erotically replied “my hot cookie you look much perfect with my saliva all over the body, shining sweat on the hairy chest, tasty pre cum on the huge dick so no need we shall enjoy drowning all the night exploring both of our bodies” to which I excitedly jumped on bed on side of her kissing. She instantly turned placed both her legs with her kneels down on mattress around my waist moved my big arms back & started kissing from forehead, lips, neck, nose, navel for some moment licked all over the hairy chest with pleasure, licked armpits as I did to her for a while.

After getting done with armpits she placed her mouth into mine & started lip kissing where I could smell my own odor of cum & armpits. While she was doing it her boobs were hanging so beautifully with her gold chain across. I hold her hair while she was kissing around then she slowly moved down to crotch & again started blowjob.

I guess it went for 5 min I was in climax situation. I took her up & kissed her lips neck for a while, then stretched her legs apart hold my cock with right hand & tried to spot the hole where to insert & finally got it & went on to place, suddenly she said ” what, are you sure, you are trying to go with the ass hole”, then I realized it was the wrong place, to not to degrade I said “YES”, she hesitated said “No” I didn’t listen, tried to place my heavy thick cock into the asshole but it hasn’t gone, she was moving away but I caught her tight. It wasn’t going then I compromised & moved my cock to the flower hole called pussy hole & placed to which she said “Nice boy”, I laughed at her and tried to push the cock in but I couldn’t make out it went for 30seconds I kept on trying.

She spoke out saying “will it be okay”, I didn’t get what she asked but I said “trust me darling it will be fine don’t worry”. While am pushing she closed her too tightly with somewhat scariness. I tried to convince her saying some relaxing words like “A pussy hole will be as big as a small newly born infant through which baby used to be taken out in the olden days” like after a long convincing words she kept quite & cooperated with me.

Slowly 1/4 of the cock went into the hole she made some moaning noise “God”, then I again gave 1 stroke she loudly shouted and said “something got itched, its paining I cannot Nihal leave me”. But I haven’t listened to her & gave a heavy stroke (2 which I sensed my outer part of the cock got torn of which was literally painful I noticed after the sex it bled somewhat over there, but I haven’t said it on bed)this time my half the cock went inside again gave to – 3 strokes this time full thick cock went inside her hot hole. Both of us are shouting too heavily, sleeping on me her saliva was going all through my body.

I turned her down started fucking her after about 20 strokes I guess we cummed at once, I got her onto me. For a while she was on top of me slept on my body, head on chest with my cock in her pussy and am looking towards the roof both heavily breathing. Room is filled with smell of our hot bodies, with peace of no noise or sound nothing it was calm only our breath sounds are audible.

She looked smilingly at me got my cock out from her pussy and planted a kiss on my lips and moved aside slept beside me placing her hands on my body and head on my hand. It was 2:16 am when we got done with our wildness. Lot much happened the whole day as it was weak off Sunday we enjoyed all through the day in different positions, in different ways, mainly in new methods, some seducing things happened, some naughty things in kitchen, restroom, some ugly things, wild things lot much happened that day till 10 pm.

I want to confess everything, will surely confess seeing the response, each and everyone who gone through the words of the incident without hesitatingly ping me up on email, “keep away shyness lead life happily” ping me up don’t forget we shall have fun.

I’ll be always available to respond to your sweet email, bye, take care, good to share with you.

My email [email protected][1], do ping me I’ll share all the day experience.


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14 Foreplay Tips For Desert Dry Girls Who Have Trouble Getting Wet

Emmanuel Rosario Emmanuel Rosario[1]

1. When you’re relaxing on the couch with him, think sexy thoughts. Let your mind wander away from the television and fantasize about what you wish he was doing to you. When you’re sufficiently wet, initiate sex.

2. Or, if you want to get him in on the action, grab his hand and place it on your pussy. While you’re watching TV, he can absentmindedly rub until you’re ready to go. 3. Ask your partner to go down on you and bring you to the brink of orgasm.

Some women are extra sensitive after they cum, so fucking him right after he eats you out isn’t the best idea-unless he stops before you orgasm and then penetrates you. 4. Start the foreplay hours before you see him by sexting. If you share dirty photos and thoughts throughout the day, you’ll be horny AF by the time you actually see him.

5. Ask him for a massage. It’ll be a turn-on to feel his hands across your skin, but it will also help you relax. The biggest reason why women experience pain during sex is because they’re too tense.

You need to relax. 6. Masturbate in front of him. You know what you like, which means you should be able to get yourself wet in no time.

And watching you will get him hard, so it’s a win-win. 7. If you’re uncomfortable touching yourself in front of him, then you can excuse yourself, run to the bathroom, and masturbate in there. Don’t make yourself cum.

Just make yourself wet. 8. On your drive over to his house, listen to empowering music that puts you in the mood. You can even touch yourself a little when you’re stopped at lights.

9. Use lube so things are extra slippery. Just remember that the lube isn’t meant to replace your natural wetness. It’s meant to add to it.

So if you aren’t wet in the first place, you’ll still experience discomfort. 10. You’re allowed to touch yourself, you know. During foreplay, rub your clit or play with your nipples if that’s what turns you on.

Do whatever you need to do. 11. Cuddling doesn’t have to happen after sex. You could cuddle as foreplay.

After all, there’s nothing better than feeling his hard-on rub against your butt. 12. Make-out for as long as you’d like. Some men don’t appreciate the lead up to sex, but to hell with him.

If you need a high school style make-out session in order to get wet enough for sex, then keep kissing him until you can’t take it anymore. 13. Foreplay by playing strip poker or a sexy board game. Just don’t play any drinking games.

All that alcohol might make you feel more frisky mentally, but it’ll actually make it harder for you to get wet physically. 14. When all else fails, ask your gyno for advice, because you might have low estrogen levels or an immune disorder. You might even be taking a birth control pill that’s messing with your libido.

If there’s a physical problem, then she can solve it. TC mark


  1. ^ Emmanuel Rosario (

GT The PT Chapter 6, well fucked

Introduction: GT the PT Chapter 6 Serves her Right! Tracey [known as PT i.e. the world champion prick teaser] was invited to a hen party for the blushing bride-to-be, a workmate who invited all 6 females on staff. She didnt especially like Tracey, who she regarded as a poser who wore micro-skirts and tight tops and flirted with all the men in the office secretly she knew that this only made her jealous!

They all met at Murphys Bar & Grill, had a great SurfnTurf meal and went on to Marios, the in club in town. The party went great, everyone drinking and dancing. Guys were whistling at Tracey as she gyrated on gthe dance floor in her tight shiny black shorts, that showed her cameltoe to perfection.

Her arse was something else, and guys fondled her, squeezed her and generally had hands all over her fantastic body as she danced. This did not please the bride, who wanted to be the star attraction! Tracey carried on dancing and being fondled in her groin, arse and tits, loving every moment.

After way too many champagne cocktails, the bride, bridesmaids and other friends wanted to go home, but Tracey was enjoying the attention of several guys and wanted to stay. They told her they were going home on the next Night Bus, but she decided to stay and have some fun. Cindy, another party-goer, decided shed stay with her and have more fun.

Several guys saw they were still in the booth, so joined them, buying loads of champagne, adding some extras that the girls werent aware of! Cindy somehow disappeared, leaving Tracey with four guys, with who she drank, danced, and was groped by, all in good fun. I muss go hooome, she mumbled eventually, and made for the exit and the last Night bus.

Despite the warnings of the guys she was with, she went ahead anyway. The bus came and she took a seat at the back row. She was one of only 3 on the bus 2 girls were near the front seats and soon got off.

Next stop, 5 big black guys boarded. They caught sight of her black shiny mini-skirt, great legs, and boobs whose nipples were pointing thru her knitted top. Bingo said the biggest guy Jacob [obviously the leader of the pack].

They sauntered to the back seats where Tracey was half asleep. Well. What have we got here? asked Jacob.

Tell the driver to stop at the Stadium and fuck off, he instructed. The bus soon puuled off the road as Tracey was dozing, the front door oped and closed Tracey was alone, in a dark isolated car park, with 6 horny black guys! Jacob placed his hands on the inside of her thighs and slowly opened them.

She groaned a little but sleep didnt allow her to resist. Her nipples were poking thru the knitted top another guy squeezed both in his hands, making her moan. He squeezed her nipples hard between thumb and forefinger, drawing a scream.

Suddenly she was awake. What the fuck? she exclaimed, and felt the sharp edge of a blade against her throat. Relax sister, and you may survive tonight Jacob told her in his impressive deep voice.

She felt his hand move down between hers legs, his knee keeping tghem open, finding her slit. Fuck you! she exclaimed. NO.

FUCK YOU TIMES SIX, YOU CUNT! replied Jacob. Were gona tear your cunt, your arse and your mouth apart, you fucking slut. In your dreams she responded, trying to wriggle free.

Thats the way you want it baby, said Jacob, punching her in the jaw and rendering her unconscious. She awoke to find herself off the bus, bus hog-tied to a pool table, like a starfish. Her legs being wide spread and her leather shorts being so tight, her pussy lips were like a fresh mussel from the sea.

Jacobs hand found her slit and began to stroke her there, making her wet, against her instinct. Well, Momma, you is wet and ready, he said very matter of fact. Her nipples were hard and poking thru the knit top she wore.

Jacob grabbed both large protruding nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, really hard, making her squeal. Shes ready brothers he exclaimed. With that, a guy with a hard dick fully 12 long stood in front of her spread legs, opened her pussy with his fingers, and pushed the massive head inside her lips, the just rammed his huge fucking dick into her pussy.

As only the first four inches penetrated, he kept thrusting until he was in her up to his balls, making her scream like a banshee. Meantime, a brother with only [only?!][ a 9 inck cock, began to fuck her face, then ram down her throat. Her boyfrined was a throat-fucker, but his 6 cock was no match for Rastus!

They both fucked her hard until both spurted cum into her orifices. One made her cum, the other made her choke. Jermaine undid her ties.

She thaked him before he quickly turned her onto her stomach and retied her to the table. Youll thank me soon momma, for the best arse-fuck you ever had! he bragged. With that, Jermaine pushed handcream into her anal passage, inserting first one, then two then threefingers, to widen her canal.

Not that that would help he had a cock 11 long and 9 in diameter! It was like a 2 liter coke bottle. Jermaine pulled her arse cheek apart, aimed the head of his monster prick at her date, then pushed forward with all his 220 lbs.

She screamed, he pushed, she screamed louder, then the head of his cock popped inside her sphincter. He waited a moment, then said, Cumming, ready or not! and just thrust his huge rigid pole into her poor virginal anal passage. She passed out with the pain.

When she awoke, she felt a feeling like she was inflated it was Jermaines cock. Blood flowed easing his cock in and out as he fucked her mercilessly. A final thrust saw him burried in her arse up to his huge balls.

Within seconds her spurted a pint of cum into her anus, slopping out all over the table. She was so stunned, when the other guys untied her, she hardly noticed. Thanking God, she realised suddenly that she was only being repositioned for more torture and rape.

Somehow, three black buys turned her around so that one throat-fucked her, one fucked her tortured and bloody arse and one fucked her fairly receptive pussy. To her total shame and embarrasment, she started to respond to her rapists. Before long, the three pricks were making her horny.

She soon orgasmed, much to the delight of her rapists. In fact, she wanted more fuck me you beautiful bastards she pleaded, moving her hips in motion with theirs. All four oragsmed several times before flopping down onto the table, spent.

Tracey regained her consciousness, feeling sore, excited and satisfied. God knows, why, she thought. No-one else was around.

All was quiet. At that moment, she registered that there was another person nearby. Well Hi Miss.

My name is Ezra, he said by way of introduction. I am the Leader of these boys. The reason I am the Leader is because I am bigger, stronger, a better fighter and have a bigger cock than any of them, with a bigger sexual appetite! he explained.

So what, nigger? she challenged, Ive taken more that you can give. Well. Lets find out! said Ezra.

With that, he flipped her onto her back on the table, grabbed her with one hand by the throat to keep her still, and pushed the head of what she came to realise was a 15 POLE into her pussy lips. No, please, she begged. Not so cock sure now but cock happy, said Ezra.

He pushed, and pushed, and pushed until hers screams were ear-shattering, until her cervix was a slave to the invader, until she felt she would be split in half. Now. Lets enjoy.

He said in a matter-of-fact way, humping her. She was rather impaled than fucked. It was like the head of his cock was somewhere between her boobs, just below her throat IT WAS!

He humped her for a full 20 minutes before dumping a bucket load of cumb inside her, which spilled out onto the table only when he removed the plug of his cock. She thought to herself how glad she was that that was over. She promised God that shed never again wear the tight skirts, shorts and tops that excited men, or flirt again and that shed save herself for her husband to be.

WRONG! He flipped her over onto her stomach. NO.

PLEASE. She screamed. Confusing wish, said Jermaine, Ill assume that PLEASE was what you intended!

His fingers pulled her arse cheeks apart revealing her date as the Australians call it. With little consideration he thrust first one then two fingers into her sphinter with the help of some spit, widening the aperture. No virgin, you! he stated.

Dont hurt me, she begged. He wanked his cock back to full erection whilst fingering her arse. This wont hurt &hellip,&hellip,&hellip, me! he said angrily.

With that, he pushed the hard head of his monster dick against her sphincter. Shit! she cried. NO SHIT! he responded.

He buried the first 6 into her anus. She couldnt breath. He lunged again and another 4 entered her anal passage.

With another two animal lunges, he penetrated her anus, and was well into her body between her kidneys. No-one was ever meant to suffer this. She stopped breathing.

She was bleeding thru her anus and her mouth, he didnt care and just fucked her until his cum spurted inside her and ran down his prick all over the table along with her thick blood.

This was not the first girl that he had literally fucked to death and wouldnt be the last!

Tracey was a prick teaser but deserved better.

Movie Theater Love

Here goes another 100% true story from me. Got to say a couple of things before i start. First im not a complete asshole.

Many of the girls that I have these stories about i didnt use for just sex. Hard to believe but some of them (not all) actually used me for sex because word around town is that i have a big dick and i give good sex. Second thing is that i am running out of stories!

I have gone through almost all women that i have slept with. I need some more women. So any women interested just send me a message or anyone who wants a girl they known taken care of, send me a message.

Anyway, here goes the story….. I use to be a head usher at this movie theater. There was this girl there with a huge ass and huge tits (i would say around 38DD) and these big lips.

She was cute when she got dressed up but besides that she was just alright when she was in uniform. She was about 2 or 3 years older than me. I was 18 at the time.

We started talking and she ended up having a big crush on me. Every once in a while at work we would text each other and tell each other to meet up in the stock room and we would make out. Unfortunately she ended up getting fired for screwing up on one of the cash registers.

I thought I missed out on something good but she got a job right across the street. We started talking again and she was talking to another guy while talking to me. One day I pretended to be mad because she said she kissed the other guy.

She came to my job while I was in one of the theaters by myself and started crying and doing the whole nine of ‘im sorry’. I didnt say nothing to her and then she said she would do anything to make it up to me. I still didnt say nothing so before I knew it she pulled her tits out and got on her knees and started to suck my dick.

She only did it for like 2 mins and told me she would fuck me the next day on her break. Well the next day I drove over to her job while she was on break and picked her up. We were at the mall and had no where to go so I took her to my car and drove to the far side of the parking lot.

I pulled my dick out and she started to suck on it. After a while of sucking on it she pulled her panties down and her titties out. So I climbed on top of her and started to fuck her.

I was stuck in missionary position since i didnt have that much space. I pulled out and cummed all over her tits. She had nothing to clean up with so she ended up having to use her panties to wipe my cum off of her.

She later then stopped talking to me because I got a girlfriend.

NaughtyGirl Round Two – She surprised me! and Roun

So my naughtygirl set up Round Two so very nicely… waking me up with her hot little mouth and letting me finish in her hot asshole… Naughtygirl122381’s Blog
Big Bull’s midnight wakeup I woke up to a very pleasant ache between my thighs and blinked remembering him groaning and driving into me wildly…

It got me wet all over again… I rolled to my side and saw him laying there passed out naked dick in a semi hard state… I slid down and began sucking him to hardness , I wanted to take a ride.

I fondled his balls and grazed them lightly with my nails feeling the twitch and tighten, I began to sigh and moan as I felt my nose hitting his groin and then I heard him moan back- ‘best way to wake up is getting sucked, show me how you take it. I felt his hand slide into my hair and his fist tighten while his hips began to drill his member into me.. He was so big!

With out being I control of the movements I gagged and it only spurred him on. I heard him say, ‘goddamn I love every hole you have! Fuckin gag on daddy’s big cock I am going to fill you so full of my cum.’ I felt his other hand come down hard against my ass… ‘Girl I like the way it jiggles but it does it better when it’s stretched around my cock.

Get on your knees. I got on my knees and felt him grind his cock in my ass crack and then push into my pussy for lube… He then pushed his head against my ass and told me to open up…

I felt him push his way into my ass and collapse on top of me. I lay between him and the mattress feeling his hips buck and grand into me while he groaned and told me that this was the best fuck he’d woken up to in years.. He listened to me groan and told me it turned him on all the while groaning and thrusting and grinding deep inside my most intimate places.

He said he was going to fuck me as slow and hard so I felt every inch for as long as possible. I felt that big cock stretching and probing and it ached in the best way possible.. I moved my hips under his to meet his thrusts and tightened myself squeezing and bearing down and I heard him say ‘fuck yes.

Just like that’ he lifted his body off of mine and began to bang into me vigorously. Grunting and groaning as the base of his dick bit my ass and his balls smack audibly and wetly on my engorged clit. My pussy was so wet it was dripping down my thighs…

I felt him get hard and faster then I felt his dick throb and swell. His thrusts got really shallow and fast and then he slammed it all the way in and held it there while hot cum exploded into me.. Time for Round Three – And again I got to use her sexy ass ….
Good morning my naughty girl, I woke up with a raging hard on for your hot pussy and sexy mouth.

You were a good girl and left daddy some hot dirty messages to rub his big cock too.
I wish my big cock was grinding into that tight little asshole, I want you to fuck my cock with your hot ass… take every inch… make you my dirty little slut. And yes, while my big cock is buried deep in your tight ass I will answer her phone call and listen to her mindless rambling while I am fucking your harder and deep… whispering in your ear what a good little cumslut you are for your daddy, you can hear her voice and you laugh because you know you have my cock.. and cum. She is nothing and you know she doesn’t please or satisfy me like you do …

I am so ready to shoot a hot load in your fucking ass, I throw the phone down on the bed, the bitch still running her mouth … I push your hot body down into the bed so I can pound your ass deep, I pull out almost all the way then ram my hard precum oozing cock deep in your ass, you start to moan loudly bucking your ass to my cock, my balls sliding over your hard big clit… I take my hand and cover your mouth as you moan deeply, my cock ramming you harder and deeper.

I whisper in your ear that you are my fucking dirty little cumslut, my little whore… deeper and deeper into your ass… moan you slut, I want to make you cum…. oh fuck im going to cum, my hot warm sticky cum is shooting deep in your ass.. can you feel it???? You are bucking your ass against my body taking every drop!!! I keep pumping and pumping your ass, draining my cock…

Now turn over my little cumslut…

I need to talk to this bitch on the phone and while I am I wanna look at your pretty mouth cleaning off daddys cock… ass to mouth my naughty girl, then you are going to kiss me, I want your tongue in my mouth… time to hang up with the bitch, I need to kiss my naughty girl, such a good little cumslut

Round Four – I am going to give this NaughtyGirl her fantasy… stay tuned


This is where I put things

Everything that has no other place Here’s a tiny spate of gentle rain Coming at the end of a hard spring

And here’s that moment I sat beside her Studying the lines of her face

While the world was burning down To nothing we could use anymore Here are all the silences

Between the words we gave away And here are the remnants of my heart Everything left after the silences

The gentle rain After her face After the world burns down again

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

घरात कोणी नसताना दीदीला पहिल्यांदा झवलो – Part 2

Magchya episode Madge tumhala kalelech asel mi ata Neha didi la purn majhya jalyat ghetl hot aai baba lavkar aalyani mi dupari tila jhawu shaklo navhto tya ratri jevan jhalya var amhi dogh patkan aamchya room madhe gelo aani mi dar lawle aai baba hall madhe tv baghat hote amcha room aani tyancha room shejari aslyane ratri aawaj hoil mhanun mi didi la jhawu shakat navhto mi halu halu tila kiss karat hoto ti majhya mandi var basali hoti aani amhi ek mekana vedya sarkhe kiss karat hoto. Didi mhanali “chal mi tula blow dete” aani mi pant khali karayla lagli titkyat aai ne aawaj dila aani ti mhanali “Rahul dar ughtos ka??” Mi patkan pant var ghetli didi tichya bed var jaun book open karun badli mi pan ek book hatat gheun dar ughadal aai aat aali aani mhanali “are waah aaj tar tumhi na sangta abhyasala baslet sarv thik ahe na???

Bar mi jhoptey tumhi pan lavkar jhopa…!!” Mi ho mhanub dar band kele aani didi chya bed var udi marali aani amhi parat kiss karayla laglo mg mi majhe sarv kapade kadhlet. Aani did ne majha land hatat gheun strokes dyala survat keli ti mla hand job det hoti, ratri aawaj hou naye mhanun amhi khup halu halu bolat hoto, nantr mi tiche kapade kadhle amhi doghe purn pane nude hoto tine majha land tichya puchhi var cholale.

Mi tila mhantlo “lavkarch ha rod tujhya ya bhokat jail kalji nko karu” ti haluch hasli aani mhanali ” ata tyachich vat ahe” mi tila uchale aani bed var jhopawale mi tiche ball chokhayla laglo jase mi sangital tiche ball khupach mothe hote aani mla te chhokhayla khupach majja yaychi. Tiche nipples khup hard jhalel hote te majhya tondat khup bhari watat hote ti mla halu halu mhanat hoti pan mi jor jorat te dabat aani chhokhat hoto. amhala ekmekana jhawaychi ghai jhali hoti pan gharat sagale aslyani te shakya navhte mhanun mi didi cha varchya var cholun majja ghet hoto. ti mala mahnayla lagli ki jar tu mla jhawle tar kahi honar nahi na he changale nahi apan bhau bahin ahot as tas pan mi etka jhawnyachya nichay kela hota ki mla kahi karun didi la jhawaych hot. mi tila samajawal aani mag mi tichya gandi var phatake marayla laglo 2 fatkyanich tichi purn gand lal jhali…. Tya divashi amhi ekach bed var purn nude jhoplo hoto, amhi hug karunch jhoplo ekamekan amhi heat det hoto.

Sakali mla jag aali tevha didi majha land chhokhat hoti mi uthlo aani mhanalo aaj Sakali sakalich. Ti mhanali ” aplyala collage la jaych ahe mg apan ratrich bhetu na mg atach majja karu de” mi pan tila kiss kel aani ball dabayala laglo ti jorat land chhokhat hoti titkyat aai ne awaj dila “utha re porano lavkar” amhi dogha pan ghabrun gelo aani kapade ghalun baher gelomg aawrun amhi collage la nighun gelo. Collage Madhe majha kahi man lagat navht mi ekach vichar kela ki kay karaw aani kas kay didi la jhawaw, pan aai baba ghari atana mla to chanche milnar navhta.

Mg mi didi la phone kela aani tila sangitle ki mla tichya collage jawalchya mall madhe 1wajta bhetayla bolawal. Mg dupari aamhi movie pahayla gelo movie thoda juna aani flop gele aslyane tyala gardi navhti khup sits khali hote fakt kahi couples aalele hote tyat kahi married hote. Mi second last row che tickaret ghetle tya row chya aaspas koni navht movie chalu jhalavar amhi andharat kiss karat hoto did ne ticha ek hat majhya pant madhe takun ti majha land cholat hoti mi aaj parayant movie pahtana kadhich rvdhi majja ali navhti.

Mg mi hi tichya collagrcgya shirt madhr khalun hat ghatla aani tiche ball dabayala laglo halu halu mi hat khali pant madhe ghatala aani mi ata tichya puchhit bot ghalat hoto pan tila tyani tras houn ti aawj karayla lagli mhanun mi hat kadhala aani parat kiss karayla laglo. Movie samplya var aamhi saperate ghari gelo mi tila dangitle ki udya apna collage la jaych nahi mhanje aplyala ghari ektech rahta yeil mi ghari jatana condom gheun thewle. Ratri parat amhi kal sarkha ekmekan dobat khelun jhoplo.

Dusarya divsahi mi lavkar uthu. Awrun thwle aai la mahit hote ki amhala jaych nahi ahe so ti aawrun shalet geki baba hi gele didi to paraynt jhoplelei hoti mi gelo aani tila uthawle tine mla kiss karayla surwat keli mg mi didicha purn dress kadhla tine hi majhi kapde kadhle amhi dogh ekmekanchya dolyat baght hoto ani mg mi tila khali wakwle aani tichya tondat land dile tine mla parat blowjob dyala sureat kEli amhala mahit hot ki sandhyakal paryant gharat koni nahi yenar mhanun amhi bindass majja karat hoto nantr mi didila bed vwr jhopval aani mg mi majh land tichya pucchii var thwl mg mi majh land tichya puchhit ghatla pan ghatyla baro bar didi khup ordayla lagli.Mi halu halu strokes dyala surawat keli tashi ti ajun kanhayla lagli. Nanatr mg mi eka hatani ticha ball dabat hoto.

Mg mi thoda speed wadhawla aani tila thodi savay jhali mg mi khup jorat jorat land ghuswayla survat keli didi parat jorat ordat hoti ” aHhahha hahha halu jhaw aahhahaha halu ahahhhah” thodya vel puchhit land ghatlya var mi didi la ulate jhopawle mi tichya Magchya bhokat botani chhholale aani land ghalayla survat keli anal sex kartana tila khup tras vhayla lagla tari mi halu halu land ghatle aani mg halu halu jhawayla speed wadhvla amchya motion mule purn room madhe khap khap khap awaj yet hota.

Tyat madhun madhun didi cha khanycha awaj mix hot hota mg thodya velat majh shoot jhal aani mi thamblo mg mi jhoplo aani did varun chadhli tine tichya hatani majh land tichya pucchichya bhokhat ghatal aani halu halu ti var khali vhyala lagli thodya velani ti utarli aani majhya bajula yeun padali amhi doghani ekmekan kde baghital aani mahla kahich bhan navht amch purn aang ole jhale hote amhi purn pane nude hoto aani ata parat navin session sathi aram karat hoto…..

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My Boss&apos;s Wife Part 1: Meeting the Wife

I hated these formal events. I hated dressing up like a penguin. But most of all I hated my boss.

Mr. Fredrick. He was a pain both at work and outside of work.

“Looking good finally, Derek,” he said to me. “Better than you usually do, that’s for sure.”

I just nodded back at him. He had rented a huge hall in a building that was way out in the countryside. He had thrown all the stops.

A band that played classical music in all it was a well-catered event. I was surprised he would do something like this even if it were his sister’s birthday. The real surprise was that he invited some of us from work.

“Well go mingle or something. Make sure you eat some of this food; it isn’t cheap!” That was him for real; he was a real cheap asshole.

You would think a triple bypass surgery would make him appreciate life, but not him. “Yes sir,” I nodded. I had plans to dip out of here the first moment I got.

I walked around the room, making sure a lot of people from work saw me. I was looking for another co-worker when I noticed an elegant looking woman come in through the main door. She was wearing a long forest green dress; that hung an inch or less above her ankles.

The dress hugged her body tightly showing off all of her curves. She had long golden brown hair that came down past her shoulders. She had a great smile.

“That’s his wife you’re staring at,” Candice said, approaching me. Candice was my boss’s secretary, no one at work hated him more than her. She did everything for him except clean him.

I am sure if he could arrange it, he would have her do that too. “No,” I said, shaking my head in disbelief. I quickly turned my head away from them as I saw her walk up to my boss.

They looked like an odd couple. Our boss was a mean person, not just in the work sense, he also looked mean which made a lot of individuals uncomfortable around him. On the other hand, his wife was all smiles.

Greeting everyone with a huge smile on her face. She held their hand and talked to them. Making sure to make eye contact.

“Derek!” I heard him yell over at me. “You, Better go,” Candice said, she wasn’t happy to be here either. “Yes sir,” I answered when I got close to him.

“This is my wife Tammy,” he said holding his wife close to him. “This is Derek, one of my analysts.” “Not just one. From the conversations that I overhear.

You’re one of the firms best,” Tammy said. We shook hands, her hands were soft and felt cold to the touch. Now that I was closer to this woman, I could see that my boss had a beautiful wife.

The lady was stunningly beautiful, by no means was she a model or something you saw on the cover of a magazine. But she had a look you didn’t see every day. “Don’t make him fool you into thinking otherwise,” she winked at me.

He just shook his head. “We have other people to meet,” he said in his typical gruff voice, with a drink in his hand. “It was nice to meet you,” she said as her husband hurried her along. Mr.

Frederick’s sister got in front of the crowd of people, tapping her glass cup to get everyone’s attention. She gave a speech thanking everyone for coming, and other things. Just like her brother she was very long winded.

After what seemed like hours she finally stopped. I had learned everything about her in that speech from her family to her business. Some things I wish I hadn’t heard.

I started to make my way towards the door slowly. Hoping no one would see me leave. “Are you leaving?” a voice said from behind me.

It was Tammy; she was smiling as she approached me. “Well I don’t blame you, these things seem to drag on,” she said. She looked over at her husband who was talking to a group of men. With a drink in his hand. “I meant what I said earlier.”

I looked back at her then at him. “Well, he treats me like the film you find on warm milk,” I smiled back. “Wow, now that’s an analogy if I ever heard one.” “Just calling it like I see it.”

“Walk with me,” she said, holding out her hand. I held onto it as she wrapped her arm around mine. We walked up some stairs, then out onto a porch, that overlooked the countryside.

It was an incredible view, the sky was much darker out here, there were no city lights to take away from the light from the stars. “Jake comes from a family that sees’s emotion as a weakness, any sign of emotion. Happy, sad, and even love are a sign of weakness and weakness in his family is not an option,” she said leaning forward.

“So he would rather be mean, and cold?” “Yes,” she paused as she turned to look at me. “Let me ask you something?” Her hair was blowing lightly in the slight wind.

“Did he ask you to come here in person?” “Yes,” I answered. “Everybody, including his neighbors and his friends.

Got a written invitation,” she said, slightly nodding her head. “I know because I was the one that sent them out.” I just stood there. I remembered the day he walked into my office.

He just stood there for a few moments. He asked me about a case we were handling. Then as he walked out, he told me that I was coming to this event.

It wasn’t a question or seem like an invitation. “Now, does that sound like the cold mean man?” she smiled. I was speechless.

“Now does he like or respect you on a personal level,” she said. “That I don’t know. But he does think you’re the best he has in his employment.” I nodded.

I didn’t need or want my boss’s respect or did I need him to like me. The truth was I could care less, either way. I did like the fact he knew I was good at what I did.

“This view is great isn’t it?” she said as she put her hands on the ledge and leaned over. “Yeah, it’s awesome,” I replied. “Take a picture,” she said.

She gave me her phone as she turned around putting her back to the ledge. “Hold on,” she said. She took off the small green crop jacket that she was wearing.

“Okay, take it,” she smiled. I had to take a minute. Tammy was a busty woman.

The green dress had a V cut in the front that plunged downward revealing a lot of her cleavage. “Well?” she asked. “Sorry, not used to your phone,” I lied.

I took the picture. “Let’s see?” she said. I showed her the picture.

“Thank you,” she smiled. Suddenly Jack’s sister came up. “He did it again!” she yelled she looked very upset. “No!” Tammy said.

They both started to walk fast down the stairs. I followed behind them. We ran down the stairs, but I could already hear someone shouting at the top of their voice.

It was my boss. Jake was yelling at the top of his voice “This place cost too much!” he yelled. “I could’ve got a bigger place for cheaper!”

Tammy smiled as she walked her way towards him. “Look’s like someone drank a little too much,” she said as she wrapped a hand around him. “Let’s go,” she said trying to keep a smile on her face. “No, No! They need to hear this!” he yelled.

He pushed her off of him, then looked at her. He had a small glass in his hand, he took a big gulp of it then smashed it to the floor. “She married me for the money, you know, yeah when I met her she was a dancer!” he roared with laughter. “A dancer!” he was pointing at his wife who stood there embarrassed.

“Okay, sir!” I interjected. “You! You black son of a bitch!” he yelled at me. “You think you’re going to take my job?”

He poked me in the chest with his finger as he walked forward. “I helped build that company,” he shouted. The stench of alcohol was strong on his breath.

He must have had a lot more to drink that I thought. “But I am getting old, and they want a new face! I told them about your work.

Now they want you!” he shouted. “A black n…” Suddenly a man punched him in the face. He fell to the floor, passed out.

“Sorry Susan, I know he is your brother,” the man said. “Thank you, Terry,” Susan said. “We better get him out to the car.” “I’ll help,” I said.

“Thank you,” Susan said. “No problem,” We carried him out to the car.

Tammy was visibly upset. “Tammy, I am sorry,” Susan said. I could tell she was sincere.

Her brother not only ruined her birthday party. But he had also embarrassed his wife, in front of a significant amount of people. “He shouldn’t have said that,” Terry said.

From the body language and other things that I had noticed. I guessed that Terry must be Susan’s husband. “I’ll get him home,” Tammy said shaking her head.

“You can’t,” Susan said. “You have poor night vision, plus it’s going to rain.” “I’ll take you guys home,” Terry said. “You have the flight out in the morning,” Susan said. “I will call a cab for both of you.”

She turned to me. “Can you drive Jake’s car to the office?” Susan asked. “How will he get home?” Tammy asked. “I took a cab here.

My car is in the shop,” I shrugged. “Perfect,” Susan smiled. “I will drive his car to the office, then call a cab,” I said.

“Just drive us home, and I will call a cab from there,” Tammy said abruptly. I could see she just wanted to go home. “I can do that,” I said.

I knew where he lived. I had been there a couple of times before. I got into the driver’s seat.

Tammy waved them goodbye, then got into the passenger seat. I began to pull away from the building and onto the road. “Thank you,” she smiled at me.

“The black guy is driving my car?” Jake said he was lying in the back seat. He was halfway between sleeping and being awake. “Shut up!” Tammy yelled. “You caused enough problems with that mouth!”

“Okay,” he said as he went back to sleep. Susan was right about the rain. The moment we got on the highway.

The sky opened up. Instantly Tammy checked her seat belt. “Relax, I am a good driver,” I smiled.

She nodded. I could tell she was nervous. The truth was, so was I.

“So what did he mean by what he said?” I asked. I was trying to keep her mind somewhere else. “Which part?”

“The others wanting to replace him.” “Oh,” she said as she shifted in her seat. “The partners have been looking for some new blood, to join them. They know new investors won’t buy into the company without someone on the board that isn’t about to push up daisy’s,” she laughed.

I had seen some of the members of the board, none of them were younger than sixty. “So they like my work?” I smiled. “Yeah, according to Samuel, you’re the top candidate,” she gave me a playful nudge. “Looks like you’re going to the top of the food chain.”

I couldn’t imagine being a partner. That was a sure way to get on the board of directors. Then I would be making some of the big decisions.

“But Jake is pretty upset, he didn’t want to share the limelight,” she said interrupting my dream. “Oh well,” I shrugged. “I didn’t put in all that work, to be turned down.” “Exactly!” she cheered.

We went silent for a moment as we both stared at the road. It was getting worse. Thunder and lightning began to shake the sky all around us.

The road was barely visible. “You are a good driver,” she said, breaking the silence. “Thanks,” I nodded. “I got precious cargo,” I smiled nodding back to my boss in the back seat.

“Oh there is nothing valuable about him,” she shook her head. “He might have his good tendencies, but they are far and very few.” “Just a few moments ago you were singing his praises,” I replied. She nodded with a smile. “A few minutes ago, he was your boss.

And I was trying to make him sound better than what he was.” “Now?” “He is an asshole!” she said.

Folding her arms underneath her large chest. “The dancer comment?” “Yes!” she said, highly annoyed. “Jake shouldn’t have brought that up, especially with so many people around.”

“What’s to be mad about?” I shrugged. “So you were a dancer, everybody started somewhere.” She looked at me surprised. “Thank you,” she smiled. “So where you good?”

She looked even more surprised, but she kept her smile. “I was the best!” “Well?” I asked.

“Well, what?” “You can’t say you were the best without going into detail.” “You’re serious?” she laughed.

I nodded. “We got a lot more road to go, and nothing but time.” She cleared her throat and sat up in her seat. “What’s to tell?” she said. “I was a tall, leggy, twenty-something and I loved to dance.” She was looking at me, to see if I was going to stop her.

“I saw a night club that was hiring. I was short on cash with a lot of unpaid bills and no way to pay them, so I went inside to take a look. The manager saw me and how I looked.

He immediately let me try out on one of the stages. I danced for over twenty minutes. I got more money in those twenty minutes than a full week at my old job.”

She had the biggest smile on her face, as she remembered those times. “You liked the attention?” I asked. “Liked it?

No, sweetie! I loved it!” she exclaimed. “It was an addiction.” “So that’s where Jack met you?”

“You can say that. Jake wasn’t as bold as he is now.” Tammy shook her head. “He used to come in every Friday, to see me.” I laughed.

I was trying to imagine my boss. Mr. stern face at a strip club. “He would sit in the corner, just staring,” she smiled. “Then one day he asked me to go on a business date with him, he even offered to pay me for my time.”

“No way!” I said. “Yep. I agreed to a fare rate.

The rest is history,” she shrugged. “We fell in love, I quit dancing and became a housewife.” She said the last part with a hint of regret. “You miss it?”

“Yes, but it’s too late now,” she shrugged. “I am going to be fifty in three months, and the girls are beginning to sag more and more.” She squeezed her huge tits. “Do you still got the moves?”

She looked at me with pure shock. Then there was a huge smile. “You bet I do!” she roared. “I have been keeping a secret from him,” She had said before she looked back at Jake,

I looked back using the rear view mirror. He was still asleep. “The yoga classes I have been going to are actually pole dancing classes.”

“Check you out!” She was beaming. I could tell she had wanted to tell someone about this secret life, for a while now.

“I am good at it too!” she said, turning to face me. “Tina, the instructor, wants me to part of the team, that competes.” She was highly excited. “So you going to do it right?”

“No,” she shook her head. “Jake would kill me!” She looked back at him. He was way beyond passed out.

He was dead to the world. “Fuck him,” I said. “Do it for you. You shouldn’t give a shit what he thinks.”

She looked at me. “But…” she said. I shook my head.

“No buts. Do you think you’re good?” She nodded.

“Then that’s all, that matters.” She smiled. We pulled onto their road.

It was a long twisting road that went behind a small forest area. The couple lived in a huge house in the middle of nowhere. “Jeffery it’s me!” she yelled into the intercom as we pulled up to a large gate.

The large gate in front began to swing open. The house was magnificent if you liked huge houses built like old southern homes. It reminded me of something I had seen in an old civil war movie.

Jeffery was their live-in butler as I called him, but he was more than that. He cooked, cleaned, and drove them around. He even hired other help.

He was there go to guy. “Again?” he said as I pulled into their garage. He opened the door then shook his head as he looked at his boss sprawled out in the back seat.

“This happens a lot?” I asked. “More than I care to say,” Jeffery said. “You go on in. I can handle this.”

“No I can help, he is my boss too,” I said. Jeffery got a wheelchair, from the side of the garage. He brought it close to the car.

I pulled my boss out of the car and into the wheelchair. “I can take it from here,” Jeffery said. I nodded.

I walked into the large living room. “Sorry, but the cab service said due to the storm, they can’t send anyone out,” Tammy said. “Oh,” I replied.

I looked outside. It did seem bad out there. The wind had picked up, and the rain was coming down harder.

The sky lit up as lightning shattered across it. “You can stay in one of the guest rooms,” she offered. “Thank you.”

“Jeffery,” Tammy called out. The senior man entered the room. “Derek will be staying the night,” Tammy smiled.

“I will prepare one of the guest rooms, which one will he be staying in?” Jeffery asked. “Claudia’s. She will not be back for a few weeks,” Tammy said.

“Will do,” Jeffery nodded. “There is something I want to show you,” Tammy whispered. I followed her into a room.

It had a desk in the corner with a computer on it. There were pictures of family members hung up all over the walls. “Here,” she said.

She offered me a seat in front of the computer. “I have some videos saved on here, that I think you will like,” she said. She leaned over my shoulder.

One of her huge boobs rested on my shoulder. I looked at the monitor as she moved the mouse around. She went into her folders then picked a video clip.

I watched the screen go black as it did I could see our reflection on it. Her long hair was touching my back, but what caught my attention. Was that her boobs were the size of my head.

Even the one that was half resting against my shoulder was just as big as my head. I tried not to show my interest. But I was getting hard, really hard.

Thankfully the video loaded. At first, it was just four silver poles in a room with a mirrored wall. Then four dancers came on the screen.

One of them being Tammy, they were all dressed in black leggings with white tops. They started by slowly dancing around the poles. I couldn’t take my eyes off Tammy in the video.

Her huge boobs were straining the material that made up her top. Also, she looked very well for someone going on fifty. “I hate my stomach,” she said.

‘What stomach?’ I thought to myself. “You look beautiful,” I said. “You think?”

“Yes. You look very sexy.” ‘Why did I have to use the word sexy?

She’s Jake’s wife.’ I thought. “I mean, you look great,” I tried to correct myself. I could see her smile in the monitor.

She rested more against me plunging her boobs around my neck. I could feel them pressing against my skin. The video and the feeling of her big tits pressed against the back of my neck were only adding to the blood rushing to my dick.

The video wasn’t helping either. The music had picked up. All four of the dancers were dancing in rhythm, grinding and swirling against the pole.

Then they began climbing. “Wow,” I said. It was not intentional; it just came out.

I was surprised how quick and flexible Tammy was as I watched the video. She climbed to the top of the pole, then she let go it with her hands and was steadying herself with her legs wrapped around it. “Tina says I have strong legs,” she said.

I had to choose my words wisely. All I could think of was the way she was riding the pole, while her legs wrapped around it. I never liked the song that was playing, until now.

Because she was definitely riding the “pony” as the song was repeating over and over. “Yes, I will have to agree,” I said. Hoping that was safe to say.

There was a knock on the door. ‘Saved by the bell,’ I thought. “Come in,” she said as she exited out of the video. “He is awake and would like to see you,” Jeffery said.

Sticking his head through the partly opened door. “Thank you, tell him I will be right there,” she nodded. Jeffery nodded then left.

“He will show you to your room,” she smiled at me. She left the room. I got up then met Jeffery in the hallway.

I followed him upstairs and to my room. “Here you go sir,” he said, opening the door. “Derek,” I said. “You don’t have to call me sir,”

“If that is all… Derek,” Jeffery smiled. “That is all,” I said.

Then I remembered a conversation that had happened in this house just a few weeks ago. “Jeffery,” I smiled. “Yes…

Derek?” he replied. I could tell he was having a hard time not saying, sir. “Take the rest of the night off, and sleep in tomorrow,” I stated with a big smile on my face.

“Sir! I can’t,” Jeffery replied. “You will,” I retorted. “Do you remember Mr.

Frederick giving any of his associates the ability to run his house in his absence?” “Sir, he is not…” Jeffery began to say. “Is he a responsible person at this present time?”

Jeffery was smiling but shook his head. “Good night Jeffery, see you later in the morning,” I smiled. The room they had picked out for me was bigger than my whole apartment.

I took a shower, then put on some clean clothes that were on the bed. As I settled into bed to sleep. My phone went off.

It was a text from Tammy. “Found your number in his contacts. I am Sorry, you didn’t get to see the rest of the video.”

“It’s okay, from what I saw. I can tell you’re a great dancer.” “Thank you, it just started out as a way to stay in shape, but then I got into it.”

“You have a knack for dancing.” “Did you want to see the rest?” “Of course, maybe tomorrow?”

There was a long pause. Then a video was sent. I began to play it right away.

“I have some more if you’re interested.” “I am very interested.” She sent three more videos.

Two of them were with the rest of the class. Then there was one that was just her by herself. She was wearing a dark purple sports bra and black shorts.

The sports bra pushed her already massive chest to immense proportions. I watched the video intently watching her every move. She was sexy, the way she moved was seductive.

Her eyes were captivating the camera. It was another song I didn’t like. It was another one of those pop songs that repeated itself over the radio.

A young woman sang it. All she said over and over was how she wanted to look good for someone. But looking at Tammy dance to it seductively was making me want to listen to the song more intently.

As I watched her dance against the pole, she swung around and around it. Then slowly lowered herself to the floor, then began to crawl across it, making her way towards the camera. Her eyes never leaving the camera.

My hand went down my pants. I couldn’t believe how hard I was. And how much I wanted to fuck my boss’s wife.

My fingers wrapped around my hard dick; I pumped my hand up and down the shaft of my cock, slow at first as I watched her slowly crawl towards the camera. Her huge boobs hung low, showing her cleavage. Her ass was high in the air, swinging from side to side.

Her hair was wet and hung in front of her face. Her eyes were piercing right through me. As she reached the camera, she turned over onto her back.

Her hands slid up her body then cupped and squeezed her breasts while pushing her hips off of the ground and into the air. I started to move my hands faster as I pictured myself straddling her chest and tit fucking her huge boobs. I came hard in my hands and on the inside of my pants.

Cursing myself for not thinking to have a tissue or something close by.

I got up and went to take a shower, this time, I only used cold water.

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